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Data Economy training program 2018

New Training Program by CREA IDEA LAB

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CREA IDEA LAB is lunching the professional training program DATA-INFO-KNOWLEDGE 2018 with a first public conference in April 2018. The program is focus in executives, data professionals and general public. Its main objective is to train in concept design about solutions and business models with and over data by discussing the basic concepts and its applications.

Program Content


Data Concept Proliferation

Introduction about different data concepts as data set, data base, big data, open data, etc. Discussion about their differences and the possibility of interrelations between them. Presentation of a methodology for a concept design about the data usage.

No Data But Knowledge

Introduction about the concepts: data, information, knowledge and their differences. Introduction of the data transformation process and the main key factors for a successful transformation. Discussion of the actual challenges of the data industry while it applies the data transformation process.

Sustainable Data Base

Presentation of the challenges for successful business model in the data market. Presentation of the Sustainable Data Base as a solution to minimize the infrastructure's cost. The Human Brain- an ideal sustainable data base. Discussion about different application examples.

The Last Tech Fashion

Introduction to blockchain, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies from the point of view of the data transformation process. Discussion about their limitations and the need of integration.

The Data Economy

Discussion about the traditional business models in the data industry and the new business opportunities. Presentation of a methodology for a business model design. Presentation of the My A.I. Project as an example about the creation of a new market.

E- Employees

Introduction of the concept "e- employee". Discussion about the threat over different professional profiles. Analysis of the state-of-art of the technology to provide an independent e-employee.

Round Tables

The Data Economy 

Debate about the rights to generate revenue by the personal data. The following questions will be discuss: How much our personal data is Open Data? Why businesses can make revenue with the personal data but individuals cannot? What type of alternatives can be suggested to democratize the data revenue streams? What is the state-of-art of the legislation about personal data protection?What are its benefits and its barriers for the creation of personal revenues for the citizens?

E- Employees

Debate about the legal form of an e- employee, the cost savings for the businesses and the benefits for the individuals. Discussion about the contract's forms and the impact on the public retirement system.

Integration Of The Data Technologies

Debate about the facilities for technological integration between blockchain, machine leaning, artificial intelligence pre-trained libraries, etc. Discussion about the pro y cons of the in-house vs. cloud solutions from the point of view of data ownership, costs, developing facilities and market opportunities.


Conceptual Design Of A Sustainable Data Base

Training in architecture design of a sustainable data base by defining the size and characteristics of its parts; the data treatment processes and their criteria. Practice in groups on three specific use cases. At the end of the session there will be a group evaluation of the proposed designs.

Conceptual Design Of An E- Employee

Training in design of a professional A.I. with a given profile defining the minimum functionalities, the data treatment process, the data for the training, the connectivity in an operational mode, the learning process and the future A.I. evolution. Practice on specific use cases.

Business Models On Data

Analysis of data usage vs. market needs. Definition of revenue streams. Business model validation through studying revenue vs. cost ratio.

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