• SMART & SOCIAL Marketplace

    Maximize the social impact of the Smart Cities

  • What is Smart & Social Marketplace?

    This our market research tool which informs public administration about the state-of-art of the smart cities market permitting easy technological mapping and price orientation.

    How it works?

    • Public administration has a technological mapping on a click.
    • Our partners publish their products with a clear price.
    • Our e-catalog is their meeting space.
  • E- Catalog

    A.I. Home: Smart Home Automated Care
    Micro-city Building: WELL building certification
    B'Wireless: Proximity Marketing and Retail Analytics
    Libelium Smart Parking Solution Kit
    Libelium-Sentilo Environment Control Kit
    Bettair: Air Quality Node
    Visual Analytics®
    EV charge point
    POL Network for Intelligent Buildings
    Cloud ERP
    Universal Data Marketplace
    EV recharge station's map
    Smart Village: consultancy package
    Artificial Emergency Assistance
    TASS PVL: Artificial Visual Intelligence
    Circular Building Platform: MatMap
    FIWARE City Open Data Marketplace Platform