• MY A.I.

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  • My A.I. Project

    Bring the Artificial Intelligence to everybody


    Artificial Intelligence is a global concept integrating variety of technologies as Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Sound and Image recognition, etc.


    In the last years, many startups put on the market products with those technologies. However, there are not many products that let the individual to adopt, educate and personalize an A.I. Then, My A.I. project aims to give the possibility to everybody to adopt and to educate an A.I. for his/her personal needs.


    We believe that A.I. can be educated as a child and grown up to be a friend, a companion or an employee.

    The Team

    The My A.I. project is lead by the CREA IDEA LAB, Quartup and Set Legal.

  • My A.I. Platform

    A.I. Community

    Adopt an A.I. from our community. Play and learn with it. Share your A.I. growth with other users.


    A.I. Academy

    Train your A.I. by specific train courses in different skills as languages, management, analytics, care, surveillance, etc.


    A.I. Marketplace

    Show case your A.I.

    Let the enterprises contract it as e-employee.


  • Meet the A.I.

    31 MAR - 2 APR 2018

    A.I. & Blockchain Conference, Barcelona