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    Headquartered in Barcelona Spain, with offices around Europe, MENA and LATAM, CREA IDEA LAB is a consultancy and think tank for advanced smart cities. The company has its own R&D department and startup incubator where innovative companies are developing solutions for the Smart City market.


    We have participated in the EU projects Triangulum and UrbanWins in Sabadell, Spain since 2016. CREA IDEA LAB is a member of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC), EU AI Alliance, the IoT Catalan Alliance of the Catalonian Government.


    We advocate for purposed-centred design of the city’s infrastructures deployed through an integration of its vision and understanding at all levels. We have promoted a unique city design methodology through our work in CREA IDEA LAB since 2014. It consists of the best global practices and also of the learning from past projects. CREA IDEA LAB has its roots in Europe and as a result we work closely with such great cities as Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam and Eindhoven.




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    Legacy focus

    Our approach to any project is a human-centric and legacy focused. In our work we integrate your traditions, heritage and legacy to the latest technological trends to help your city keeping its unique identity for the future generations.

    Our methodology is to translate your vision for the future in a smart city design where every element, every person has its own unique and precios place and contribution.

    We believe a city is its people with their relationships, stories and dreams.




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    Shaping your dreamed city

    Our process is based on the best practice of city analysis, co-creation and citizen engagement. We translate your vision to the stakeholders and to your citizens under a definition of your Smart City Brand.


    Smart city starts before placing a single sensor. We start from the first layer: people. Then, we develop your vision through the next levels: integrating the needed technologies up to widen your city space with its virtual twin. Lastly, we set a macro framework for the growth of your unique local economy.


    As a result of our process, your city transforms to become a platform for the accomplishment of your citizen's dreams, Cities Building Futures.


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