Global Tour

    Cities Building Futures


  • About the tour

    For first time in human history, digital industries based on the latest technologies are generating greater economic value than any other traditional industry based on resource exploitation. Smart cities infrastructures can easily cross social gaps and build regional stability while being a tool for creating an abundant economy.


    We have developed a unique consultancy service to help you and your city/region to embrace the digital power and dive in prosperity.


    Cities Building Futures- Global Tour is a CREA IDEA LAB initiative for accelerating cities transformation and technological adoption on a city and regional level.


    The initiative is defined under the modality of a global tour of events where our Experts help the municipalities teams to shape the future of their city. We offer you two ways to engage in the program:

    • Private sessions for you and your team where our Expert team will help you draw your unique strategic roadmap in a totally confidential way.
    • Public event in your city where you can consult the public opinion inviting citizens and local businesses to participate.


    • The unique characteristics of your city which make your citizens to be proud.
    • The local economic ecosystem as a base for the city development.
    • The influence which your city can have.


    • To define a long term strategic development vision as a smart city brand.
    • To select the best technological mix for the implementation of the strategic vision.
    • To set a general framework for the stakeholder's interrelationships.
    • To define the industrial focus for the future of the local economy.