CIRCular Economy Experiences

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  • Today you can print unique gifts just from a water bottle.




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  • The Program

    Fun, Workshops & Networking

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    Circular Manufacturing

    Your plastic water bottle = Your special gift


    Demonstration of manufacturing of new objects from plastic water bottles by 3D printing.


    Bring your bottle and print your special object.

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    Circular Personal Economy

    Not every bright object is a diamond but it can be a treasure


    Workshops and games in small groups about reuse and revaluation of obsolete objects.

    Workshop about quantification of our personal value by the market price.


    Evaluate your personal treasure here.

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    Exchange Party

    "Give = Receive = Circular" The Friendship


    Exchange party for families who need to exchange children goods. For every exchange you recollect points for prizes and gifts.


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