Energy Independent Club (EIC) is a private community of people who dream to be energy self-sufficient and independent of the dynamics of the global energy market. We aim for our energy stability and universal access to energy at affordable price. We are committed to become independent of the geo-politic risks and the oil price dynamics.


    Energy Independent Club (EIC) brings you energy freedom in your daily life everywhere.



    A new form of social & technological integration

    EIC is a holistic way to address our energy freedom in all aspects of our daily life: at home, on the run, remotely. Our members are not seeking for light. The light is following them, shining on them where they need it.


    The EIC consists of three layers: community, physical infrastructure and digital ecosystem. It easily integrates any energy technologies while keeping a strong social engagement. It is designed for an easy technological upgrade assuring always the best technological performance.


    Living in abundance


    80% more secure technological design leading to 80% cost reduction for implementation and maintenance.


    80% reduction of energy storage demand leading to more efficiency on the long run and generating energy savings and positive environmental impact.


    50 times more stakeholder’s engagement leading to more economic opportunities.


    12% higher community engagement leading in higher social benefits.


  • Become a Member Today

    Join the movement


    Become part of the community

    US$ 1,00

    per month

    Membership in a local circle

    Access to training courses

    One event participation






    Energy every time package

    US$ 50,00

    per month

    Membership in a local circle

    Access to training courses

    Connectivity to a local energy system

    24/7 Community support

    Limitless event participation


    Energy everywhere package

    US$ 50,00

    per month

    Membership in a local circle

    Access to training courses

    Energy on the go

    Energy when travel

    24/7 Community support

    Limitless event participation

  • Our Path

    Becoming independent is a journey. This is how we travel it.

    Stage 1: Static

    Building local communities which get energy freedom with PV energy generation.




    Stage 2: Shared

    Connect local communities with an independent grid to exchange and optimize capacity.

    Stage 3: Mobile

    Full coverage of your demand everywhere. Energy on the go. Energy everywhere around the globe.

  • Launching Event

    Nov. 16th, 2022
    Barcelona, Spain

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