• virtual future city

    Connecting physical and virtual worlds

  • Expand your space beyond the physical world


    Virtual Future City (VFC) is a new generation platform which opens your house, business, city into the virtual space. It is designed to enable the accelerated digital transformation of businesses and cities in a simple way while smoothly integrating legacy technologies and minimizing resources for data storage.


    Virtual Future City brings the users in a friendly & easy way to a highly automated life.


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    A new form of technological integration

    The VFC platform consists of three layers: physical infrastructure, digital platform and application ecosystem. The VFC digital platform is built by a smooth integration of Blockchain, AI Advanced Analytics and 3D interface. It easily integrates with third party solutions while keeping a high level of encryption and protection against cyber and physical threats. It connects and enables smooth communication between devices, software modules (e.g. specific AI module for edge analytics), people, businesses and public authorities.


    VFC platform is a new generation platform which automates the value extraction of data enabling multi-usage of its functions.

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    Shaping your dreamed city

    80% more simple technological design leading to 80% cost reduction for implementation and maintenance.


    80% reduction of data storage demand leading to more efficiency on the long run and generating energy savings and positive environmental impact.


    50 times more stakeholder’s engagement leading to more economic opportunities.


    12% higher user engagement leading in higher economic benefits.



    VFC Platform in different industries

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