• Pitch Training Camp

    8-12 May 2022

    Sabadell (BCN), Spain
    Participation Fee: EUR 975

  • Become a Sale's Warrior and Conquer Your Market

    Unique fusion between the martial art Aikido, communication and sales.

    Aikido practice will help you live within your body abstract concepts as time, distance, confidence and respect.

    You will practice different pitches to gain fluently communication skill.

    Lastly, you will apply all the knowledge into the real life in one week intense sale's practice.

    1 Week of Training and Sales

    The main objective of the course is to get you in action. The program is designed to help you return your participation fee by sales.

    For First Time Sale's Action Course

    For first time in Barcelona, we offer you an Aikido practice to improve your non-verbal communication and to build your warrior spirit.


    Only 60 minutes presentations and 60 hours practice in communication and sales which asure 99% of the time to be action.


    Thanks to our kind sponsors!

    We have 10 travel grant packages for everybody who subscribes until April 15th, 2022.

  • Become a sale's warrior

    Our Training Methodology

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    Train your body


    Build your resistance trough 4 hours per day of Aikido practice and experience the following abstract concepts



    TRACK 1:
    Be Your Universe: learn to keep your position and defend it.
    Control the time: learn to be in the best moment for the best opportunity.

    The best distance for a relationship: learn to put the correct distance when communicating with others.

    Active communication: understand and follow the non-verbal language of the receptor of your message.
    Understandable Kind Open Mind: learn to adapt your propositions to the receptor's needs and be in harmony with it.
    Strong but flexible: learn to keep your focus while adapting to the receptor's needs.

    Gain control over the pressure: learn to keep calm and control your environment.

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    Train your warrior spirit

    Clear your ideas and build your carisma through communication workshops




    TRACK 2:
    Why should I get an attention? by Axelle Verges: get awareness about your ecosystem and your position in it.

    Be or Not To Be in a relationship with my customer by Xochi Wild: get insights about the impact of your choice over your communication
    Speaking in public: Entertainment by Xavier Castells

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    Prepare your weapons

    Get ready your weapons through digital craftsmanship





    TRACK 3:
    Growth hacking: learn the magic of the on-line tools to boost in no time your online sales

    Off-line tools: learn all about the different formats and their applications from visit cards to promotional gifts.

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    The course is focus on action, so, the participants will get three days of mentoring and all the others days they will sale their products or those of the sponsoring enterprises. Through their real experience, the participants will build their own selling style where they will feel comfortable and successful.

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    Mushin Dojo

    Av.Rafael Casanovas 42-44, 08206 Sabadell (BCN)

    Close to Parc Catalunya, Sabadell with a total surface area of 600m2 of equipments as the following:
    • Tatami of 300m2 of the best quality.

    • Men changing room and bathroom with eight showers.

    • Women changing room and bathroom with six showers.

    • Changing room and bathroom for disable people.

    • Reception, office and a social room.

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    Infinitum Factory

    Rambla d’Ibèria 97, Sabadell (BCN)

    Co-working space with a total surface area of 1200m2 of equipments as the following:

    • Conference room of 50m2.

    • Conference room of 30m2.

    • Co-working space of 600m2.

    • 5 Meeting rooms.

    • 2 coffee zones.

    • Reception and a relaxing zone.

  • the mentors

    We've got a top notch team!

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    Jordi Moron

    1ºDan Aikido AIKIKAI & 3ºDan Aikido R.F.E.J.Y.D.A.

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    International Stand up Comedian

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    Business development of innovative social cultural and environmental Projects

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    Communication Coach and Sales Trainer


    April 15th, 2022

  • How to participate



    Reserve your spot at askme@hybridspace.me


    Pay The Participation Fee

    Transfer the participation fee to our account:

    ES85 3025 0001 1114 3362 3030

    And send us the recipe to askme@hybridspace.me


    Come and Enjoy

    Come and participate in the training.

    We promise you unforgettable experience.