Safe & Resilient Smart City (SRSC) Solution

Safe & Resilient Smart City (SRSC) Solution

SRSC solution is a full end-to-end solution which addresses threat generation, impact and emergency response. The system evaluates the ever-changing environment for threats against a predefined peaceful healthy framework. It delivers a secure environment for everyone by leveraging personal threat to community one. By design, it decouples from the human decision-making process speeding up the emergency response.

The physical layer consists of different nodes such as small cells, Mesh & LTE Communications units, Video Surveillance cameras, AUV, ARM, sensors and wearables.
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SRSC solution is based on the Virtual Future City platform for the specific case of public security and emergency response. It consists of physical infrastructure for real-time monitoring and surveillance, the VFC digital platform and an application ecosystem. The data treatment is optimized by AI advanced and edge data analytics enabling automation of the response to any threat.


SRSC solution is innovative in its integration approach of commercially demonstrated technologies. It is a full end-to-end solution which addresses threat generation, impact, mitigation and emergency response. The unique design of the technological mix enables improved extraction of value of each specific technology and physical element while decreasing the investment and operational costs.

It minimises the replication of physical units by multiplying their usability for a variety of purposes. Thus, the environmental impact and the costs for maintenance are decreased.

The implementation time for a SRSC project is 2 years. The  implementation project consists of design & test of a customised to the site solution and technical implementation.

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