Smart Digital Society (SDS) solution

Smart Digital Society (SDS) solution

SDS solution automates the government processes such as government decision-making and regulation issuing, public protection, public arbitration, education and economy framework.

The solution provides a virtual twins for
- Public bodies such as Parliament, Tribunal, Bank, Protection Agency, Hospital, University, School.
- Public Infrastructures such as Industrial Zone, Logistic Hub, Shopping Area, Neighbourhood, Entertainment Area.

Through its Virtual Twins, the solution enables governments to provide digital public services to their citizens with improved security and engagement.
More Details

The SDS solution is built on the VFC platform which consists of smoothly integrated Blockchain, AI Advanced Analytics and 3D interface technologies. 

Thanks to the VFC platform, it provides real-time value extraction of data enabling multi-usage of its functions. It easily integrates with third party solutions while keeping a high level of encryption and protection against cyber and physical threats. It has a low demand for data storage and computational resources and low costs for maintenance by design.

SDS application ecosystem provides new modules for E-governance such as the Digital Government based on a token voting system with integrated tax recollection function. Thus, a direct connection is established between the policy making process and its impact on the local economy.

SDS solution double the local economy into the virtual space through its virtual twins. Example of the virtual citizen activity is shown on the picture below.

The implementation time for a SDS project is 3 years. The  implementation project consists of design & test of a customised solution and technical implementation.

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