Virtual Future City (VFC) Solution

Virtual Future City (VFC) Solution

VFC solution is a new generation City & Enterprise Digital Platform. It is an integrated package of applications of cloud-based GIS, Service/Facilities Management and E-governance.

As one unified solution, it enables high efficient management, highly customised work-flows, shared services and new business models while keeping low the cost for computational and data storage resources.

Additionally, it is a data value extraction automated machine which demands less effort for the data transformation to information and knowledge.
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VFC solution is a new generation Multi-Access Edge Computing Platform which provides a ground-breaking cloud-based GIS, Service/Facilities Management and E-governance functionalities.

The VFC solution is built by a smooth integration of Blockchain, AI Advanced Analytics and 3D interface. It is a new generation platform which automates the value extraction of data enabling multi-usage of its functions.

It easily integrates with third party solutions while keeping a high level of encryption and protection against cyber and physical threats. It connects and enables smooth communication between devices, software modules (e.g. specific AI module for edge analytics), people, businesses and public authorities.

It has a low demand for data storage and computational resources and low costs for maintenance by design.

The implementation time for a VFC project is 2 years. The  implementation project consists of design & test of a customised solution, technical implementation and citizen engagement campaigns.

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