Startup Incubation Program

Startup Incubation Program

Startups 4 New World Incubation Program aims to build enterprises which will advancing the transformation of the daily reality to a better world by applying new technologies. It has a special focus on customer development and sales.
The fee is for a startup team.
DURATION: 6 months
MODALITY: webinar & in-person
FOR: Entrepreneurs, startup teams
WHEN: Every January and October
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The main objective of the course is to get the participants in action.

The program is designed to help the teams return their participation fees by sales. The participants will attend a training bootcamp in Barcelona where they will meet the Barcelona ecosystem and interact with the local businesses in experience-exchange events.


  • To build enterprises from business ideas about new technologies as Blockchain, AI, smart infrastructures and circular economy.
  • To validate the business ideas through a fast Product-Market-Fit process.
  • To achieve two sales by team during the program.
  • To train the teams in entrepreneur’s, communication and sale skills.
  • To set the minimum infrastructure for the projects which will permit their growth


3900 EUR per a team and additional 5% equity when the project completes successfully the program.

*Note: Additional costs for event tickets, travel and accommodation are not included and should be covered by the teams if required.


  • One mentoring meeting per week for each team in a video-conference format.
  • One conference day per month with Keynote Speakers in a webinar format.
  • 2 weeks training in Barcelona, modality in-person.
  • Graduation Demo Day at LEGACY Summit.


  • Learning-By-Doing: 100% practical orientation.
  • Achieve your first income from sales.
  • Build your project with Great Mentors.
  • Prototyping your solution with the last in technology.
  • Participate at startup pitch competitions in front of investors.


  • The program is focus to create a startup ecosystem with projects about new technologies.
  • Straightening of the relationships between different stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem focused to implement those technologies.
  • Inspiring the participants to develop further the projects and relationships created during the program.
  • Inclusion activities for minorities groups.
  • Women empowerment trough visibility of good practises and success stories.


  • The teams should accomplish 95% of the work to be considered as successful.
  • Only the projects which are considered successful will be recommended for a legal constitution.
  • The organisers won’t recommend any team to register a company if the project is not enough matured.
  • The team must participate in all the events during the program and cover their expenses for event’s tickets if it is needed.
  • The teams will be invited to participate in corporate challenges. The organisers will recommend those challenges which best fit the project’s proposition.
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